We are very busy at the moment, planning lots of fun Spring focused events on the farm for the school Easter holidays.  So what better way to cement our plans than with the arrival of our first lambs of the season!  Bonny is the mum, who I bottle fed five years ago (night feeds were made easier by the fact I was up feeding our youngest at the time too – lamb in one hand and baby in the other!)  She was one of a triplet and her mum struggled to raise them all, and she produced a beautiful set of piebald twins on Wednesday morning, much to the delight of all the customers who were in at the time.  Twins are very common in the sheep world and the ewes tend to find it much easier raising twins than their human counterparts!  We had three ewes who successfully each raised triplets last year, but that is a big ask!  Don’t panic though, we still have about 30 ewes still to have their lambs so there will be plenty for you to see through the Easter holidays and if you’re lucky, you may even see one be born (although definitely no promises there!)


We started warming up for the Easter holidays with our Spotty Pots residency.  The lovely Jess from Spotty Pots set up in the café on Wednesday and helped many children of all ages to create a unique masterpiece for their mums on Mother’s Day next Sunday.  Jess will be back every Wednesday, including throughout the Easter holidays, so how about something a bit longer lasting and special (in my mind) than a chocolate egg for an Easter gift?  It’s also a great fun activity to do with or without your little ones.

Spotty Pots

Our shop has had a definite Easter makeover.  We are really happy with a very special range of delicious chocolate sheep, pigs, lambs, cows and chicks.  We also have traditional simnel cakes.  These fruit cakes, covered and beautifully decorated with marzipan, were traditionally given by servant girls to their mothers on Mothering Sunday, when they returned home on their day off.  I know this was one of the first cakes I looked at as a child and dreamt of being a good enough baker to make.  They are beautiful, delicious and so signifying of spring.

We really hope you will be able to find a unique Easter gift for all your loved ones; teachers and work colleagues amongst our special selection.

Easter wagon1Throughout the Easter holidays we have so much going on.  We will be doing:

  • Lamb Visits & Feeding
  • Den Building
  • Farm Trail
  • Nature searches
  • Easter Egg Hunts
  • Spotty Pots
  • Chocolate Tastings
  • Face Painting

As always, entry to the farm will be free but some activities will incur an additional charge.  Please get in touch if you want any more information or keep an eye on our Facebook / Instagram / Twitter pages.

Whilst we are really hoping for lovely weather, we would definitely still recommend that you bring your wellies as it is likely to still be a bit wet underfoot.

GlamperRV canopy crop2As the days start to warm up and lengthen, our minds invariably turn to long summer days, soaking up the sunshine with a chilled glass of something delicious.  Since having children, we have not ventured overseas much: it can be more stressful than it’s worth and quite frankly we are surrounded by so many beautiful, family friendly areas that it seems a shame not to explore them more.

What better way to explore than with our newest resident.  If you’ve been wondering what the GlamperRV signs at the farm are all about please do come along on Tuesday 21st March between 10am and 3pm when the GlamperRV team will be on hand to give you a tour, answer your questions and even take bookings!  GlamperRV is a bespoke, fully self sufficient motorhome that is the epitome of style, luxury and comfort.  We are delighted to welcome them to Orchard View Farm from where they will be available for hire or purchase.  For further information visit http://www.GlamperRV.co.uk

What a wonderfully relaxed holiday idea: I must make my booking!

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Jim, Helen and the team x