It does seem that there is a week or day for pretty much everything now, but this is one that is right up our street.

It is National Butcher’s Week this week!

National Butcher’s Week is not just for any old butcher though: it is really about supporting innovation in the butchery trade and supporting those butchers that keep raising their game to deliver what modern customers want.  So few people these days buy meat in its simplest form.  Far more often, we see customers who are looking for some inspiration and something a “bit different”.  The plates of meat and 2 veg are very much a thing of the past as customers increasingly look for interesting cuts, sauces, meal ideas and presentation.

Photo 31-01-2016, 18 39 55

Our head butcher, Lee is responsible for all the great and tasty ideas that you see in his counter.  His personal idea factory never seems to stop – his imagination literally knows no bounds!  It’s a great position to be in that when you are trying to choose something for dinner, and you just literally can not decide as they all look amazing.  Lee will always be on hand to give you cooking ideas and his opinion on what tastes best.  Honestly though, they are all worth a try!  I know I would say that but seriously, they are!

As with everything in our counter and shop, we source as much as possibly locally.  Where the pork and lamb is concerned, that is often from our very own farm.  The beef comes from the Scotsgrove herd in Thame, with our poultry coming from the Cotswolds.  In the autumn you will also find venison from our herd in the counter and you will always find our innovative sausage range so there’s something for every meat based meal you want: whether that is for the family, a cosy meal for 2 or a party.

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