The USA is quite high up discussion topics these days, but fear not, I’m not about to launch into a political diatribe. Rather, I noticed that yesterday (1st March 2017) the USA celebrated the day of the pig.  Why do we not have a day of the pig!

It is no secret that we love our pigs.  We have pigs of all shapes, colours, personalities and sizes but each and every one of them is a very welcome resident on our farm and much admired and loved by not only us, but our many visitors each week.


It’s true, our pigs are not pets.  They have a very real purpose for being on the farm, and we’ve never hidden that.  It doesn’t mean they are any less loved and respected though.  In fact, possibly more so.  Our pigs, more than any other animal on the farm, are what sets us apart from any one else in this area and why so many of you come to see us time and again.  Whether that is to see the pigs themselves, with their piglets if you’re lucky, or to enjoy the best pork you have ever tasted.

Just last Sunday, people flocked for yet another amazing Sunday roast.  Last week Sergio’s delicious pork belly joined the traditional roast beef on the menu.  Seasoned with an incredible blend of herbs and spices (that is a closely guarded secret!) and then slow cooked to produce the most tender and tasty pork you will have ever tasted, but still with the requisite teeth breaking crackling.  It was good enough to get us 3 gold stars at the Great Taste Awards when we entered it, and there is literally no higher accolade than that.  We serve our Sunday Roasts with enormous Yorkshire Puddings (of course!), roasties, honey caramelised carrots, parmesan parsnips, spicy broccoli and a rich gravy.  Everything is homemade of course!


Our ethos in the café has always been to showcase the impressive range of awesome produce we sell in our butcher’s counter and shop.  There is no two tier level of supply here – what you enjoy in the café is made using ingredients you can buy in the shop.  Just ask if you want some help recreating some of the dishes, although I’m not sure Sergio will give up all Mama’s secret recipes!  Lee and Jim will be happy to help you with selecting the right meat for what you are looking to make too.

We hope to see you soon,

Jim, Helen and the team x