lambsSo as Lent approaches, our thoughts again turn to what we are “giving up” for the 40
days before our Easter reprieve. I make no secrets that I hate January and February.
They are cold, wet, dark, miserable months with very little hope shown for the spring that
promises to make its imminent appearance. We have had some beautiful days already –
almost t-shirt weather but not quite, for me anyway. With these, we already notice people have bigger smiles on their faces and are out and about more, enjoying the brief glimpses
of sunshine. The promises of spring are there, just around the corner. Therefore, to me Lent marks a very positive time. It’s like the advent calendar counting down to the fun and festivities of Christmas but instead counting down until spring is well and truly here. The lambs will be frolicking round the farm, the grass starts to grow, the mud starts to dry up, the days get longer and eventually it will be light when I get up! With that in mind, I like to take something up for Lent. It seems somehow more positive at a time in the calendar with a very positive outlook.

Many of our customers have told me that they have decided to be more faithful to
small independent producers like us. We will never be like the large out of
town stores (thank goodness!) and we strongly believe we can offer our customers
something different that you can’t buy anywhere else. We know our products inside
out: we have hand picked every single item in the shop on the basis of its quality,
its provenance, the love that it is made with and how much we think you will enjoy
it. We don’t set out our shop in any traditional ways because we try to tell a story
with our products and give you the opportunity to “read” that story as you browse
the shop. If you need any help with any of the products, please do ask. We love to
talk about them to anyone who will listen!

love-food-logoWe have options available for all your meals through the week and include some options for when you need a night off and something ready in just a few minutes. We stock a range of frozen meals from Love Food, based in Sussex. They are a small, young company having just celebrated their first birthday. Their meals are made using as much local produce as possible and they really give back: for every meal sold they donate a meal to a starving child in Africa so their social message is also strong. The range will be increasing through
the year but rest assured these are the most delicious “ready meals” we have ever
tasted. Well worth keeping a few in the freezer for those moments!

Come and see us soon,

Jim, Helen and the team x