photo-19-07-2011-10-12-34So the pressure is on this week!  Valentine’s Day is typically the one that the ladies look forward to, to see what their beau is going to treat them with, whilst the men folk go into a blind panic (somewhat akin to Christmas Eve) as they struggle to think of something unique and fitting for their sweetheart – or maybe that’s just us?  I’m sure that many men and women alike would claim that they are not sucked in by the commercialisation of love but, frankly, that’s just plain dangerous territory.

antonWhatever your approach, I think we’ve got something to help you!  Firstly we have Anton Hazelle, master chocolatier, coming to the shop on Thursday (9th February) to talk to everyone about all things chocolate and we know that is a great way to your ladies heart….  Unsurprisingly, chocolate is the most craved food by women and allegedly it can supply women with all the nutrients we need to keep a balanced hormonal system and brain function – well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


We have also been in talks again with the lovely Holly Morgan from Daw’s Hill, local artisan producers of “champagne” and “champagne cider” from Radnage.  Holly has been learning the ropes fast after her enigmatic father, Nigel, sadly passed away.  Judging by the samples we enjoyed this weekend, she is doing a great job although it will be a few years until we get to try her first vine to bottle produce.  The Rose champagne is absolutely delightful and in my view the perfect accompaniment to a special day.  We enjoyed a bottle on Christmas Day and you really can not fault it.  It’s as close to proper Champagne as you will get and made literally a stone’s throw away on the chalky hillsides of Radnage.

If you’re feeling a little more creative then you need to talk to our butchers to help you with all the ingredients needed for THE BEST breakfast in bed (yes, including our amazing black pudding) or a really special steak from our specially selected beef from Thame. Hung for at least 28 days, this is a steak you will not forget in a hurry. Maybe you could even do both? I’m sure she’s worth it….

So that’s pretty much got it covered, but we’re not helping with your housework, doing homework with the kids, cleaning the car or promises of babysitting!  You’re on your own with that one.

Have fun and see you soon,

Jim, Helen and the team x