This is probably the question we are asked more than any other and in truth, it’s the combination of two very special experiences and beliefs.

Back in the early 2000s I remember shopping at our local farm shop, looking for some special meat for a dinner party.  I was asking the butchers about the provenance of the meat and whether the beef came from the cows I could see outside.  I was told in no uncertain terms that it definitely did not come from those cows and he wasn’t sure where it actually came from.  I left with some meat for my dinner party but felt completely mis-sold on what I believed a farm shop should be and what they were like where I grew up in Hampshire.  Pretty much there and then, Jim and I started talking about how we could change the situation and offer the people of Buckinghamshire a “proper” farm shop experience.  We get feedback on a pretty much daily basis that the meat from our butchery department does just that and we’re so happy that so many people enjoy it on a daily basis.

We also offer as much local food as possible through the farm shop.  It’s not always possible but our promise is to support local first where the quality and supply is there.  We are really pleased to have recently started stocking an exciting new Granola from Rolla Granola, based less than 30 miles away from us in Harpenden.  This is the most delicious Granola I have ever tried and they offer several lifestyle choices, such as my personal favourite, the Cool Raspberry which is gluten free and suitable for those on a Paleo diet with no added sugar.rolla-granola-logoThe other life changing event, as it turned out, was a simple pizza out in Cape Town.  We were visiting my father who lived out there and went to Barruso’s: a simple pizzeria, serving great food in a relaxed atmosphere.  We both commented that there was nowhere back home that was anything like it.  Followed by the “if we ever had a restaurant, we’d want it to be like this”.  We’ve always kept this in mind as we’ve developed Orchard View Farm over the last few years, ensuring we’re offering the best quality at a reasonable price with a great atmosphere.  We’re taking it another step closer this summer and developing our patio area further to get our outdoor kitchen up and running.  We hope to be serving authentic Italian pizzas, under the auspices of chef Sergio, with our great quality ingredients as soon as the weather cheers up.pizzaIt’s National Pizza Day coming up on 9th February so expect to see various celebrations of all things pizza on our specials board next week.  From its origins in the 1600s, pizza is now a firm favourite in UK cuisine (apparently we are the 3rd largest consumer of pizza in the world, with 50% of us consuming pizza at least every 10 days!) so do yourself a favour and come and enjoy an authentic Italian pizza with our special toppings!

See you soon,

Jim, Helen and the team x