It seems everything has its own day now, and not to be left out, cheese is no exception!  Did you know that 20th January 2017 is officially designated as Cheese Lovers Day?  What a great time to put aside those New Year’s good intentions and start enjoying cheese again!

At Orchard View Farm, we are passionate about cheese.  You’ll find it in our Hunter’s Chicken breasts in the butchery department; in many of our café meals and of course in our beautiful deli cheese counter.

My sister told me only a few days ago, when I had cooked the Hunter’s Chicken for her, that she had forgotten that chicken could taste so good.  Our butchers really do a fantastic job of sourcing the best quality meat and making some lovely innovative products: give some of their ideas a go; you’ll thank yourself!

Our café serves a variety of meals featuring some delicious cheeses.  One of our most popular dishes is a new arrival on the scene.  Our traditional Lasagne is made with the same beef mince that we sell in the butcher’s counter (from Thame) and is full of classic aged Parmesan and creamy mozzarella.  I always think a Lasagne is a good gauge of the quality of an eating establishment and 1 lady told me yesterday that it was the best she had ever tasted in her life – enough said!

Our deli counter is stocked with a wide range of the best British cheeses we can find.  We feature everything from Colston Bassett Stilton, which won 3 coveted stars at the Great Taste Awards this year to Bath Blue, which was the World Champion cheese in 2014.  We also regularly have Lord of the Hundreds cheese: a cheese named after Saxon times when the tax collectors worked on the behalf of the Lords.  It has also won many awards over many years at the World Cheese Awards.  My personal favourite though has to be the Waterloo cheese.  It is a buttery flavoured, brie style cheese made with the same Guernsey milk that we feature in the café, from Lacey’s Family Farm.  It has won multiple awards at the British and World Cheese Awards, including a Gold in 2015.  It goes fantastically with our Peter’s Yard crackers and the only challenge is to not eat it all!  The sister cheese Wigmore, made with ewes milk, is also fantastic.  Most of our cheeses are unusual: you won’t find them in any supermarket and they are sure to create a wow factor cheeseboard if you have guests over.  We like to enjoy them any day of the week though as they’re just so delicious!

Our team are always happy to let you try any cheeses you may be interested in and talk about exactly what you want.  Our range is continually evolving so if you have a favourite that you think would work well and fit our ethos, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Jim, Helen and the team x